Protect Your Business with Professionally-Managed Building Security

You've worked hard to establish and grow a profitable business. Don't let a lack of security destroy your hard work and brand name. At Remote IT Solutions, our building security services are designed to provide the around-the-clock protection your business and employees deserve. We'll work closely with you to tailor an integrated video monitoring system that meets your unique goals and requirements.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Building Security with Cloud-Based Storage

Remote IT Solutions offer a range of Internet Protocol (IP) cameras designed to save your footage on cloud-based storage. You can say goodbye to complex and expensive on-site hardware. Cloud-based storage is extremely convenient and allows you to easily search through previous footage. Within a few moments, you can confirm whether an event did or didn’t happen on a day at a specific time. Other key benefits of cloud-based storage include:

  • Safer storage. You don't have to worry about damaged storage equipment, such as broken DVR/NVR.
  • Remote access. You can access the data from anywhere you have the proper interface and enjoy full functionality.
  • You can easily expand to several sites as your business grows without huge upfront costs.
  • Several types and brands of cameras can work with a cloud storage solution, so you aren't forced to choose one brand.

Easily Have Evidence for Liability Protection

In addition to clear video, you’ll also have high-quality audio. This detailed footage can offer countless benefits to your business, particularly when faced with a legal case or investigation. If suspicious or criminal activity occurred at your business, your cameras can provide key evidence in finding the perpetrator. The authorities will be able to analyze footage for evidence, which can be key in court. Simply put, you can protect your business, facility, and employees from potential liability.

Save Money with Managed Security Services

Successful businesses view managed security services as an investment with unlimited upside. Implementing a security system from Remote IT Solutions will be much more cost-efficient than hiring several full-time security officers for key areas of your business. Also, continuous monitoring can save your business money in the prevention of theft and asset protection.

Deter Criminal & Nefarious Activity with Building Security

The overarching goal of psychological deterrence is to convince nefarious individuals against committing crimes because of your bolstered security. And nothing achieves this more than professionally-monitored security cameras. Our systems are proven to prevent theft from outsiders as well as your employees.

Help Bolster Employee Productivity

Employee monitoring is key to increasing customer satisfaction and improving employee performance. Your cameras can be a powerful tool for helping your employees stay on task. Simply put, employees who know they may be under monitoring are more likely to be productive with their time. They are well aware that non-work activity could be caught on camera. At the same time, you can further protect your business from undesirable or unwanted actions in the workplace.

Contact Remote IT Solutions for Professionally-Managed Building Security

Regardless of your industry or type of business, professionally-managed, cloud-based surveillance systems offer real benefits. Remote IT Solutions will work closely with you to tailor your surveillance hardware and services to the unique needs of your business. We will explain all of your options and features to guide you to the best solution.

Contact Remote IT Solutions today to learn how our building security and surveillance can help your business.