The healthcare industry is morphing dramatically with the need for electronic health records (EHR) and highly-detailed compliance standards. Cybercriminals are specifically targeting hospitals and other life sciences organizations due to the high quality of data that is stored within their digital structures. Are you confident that your organization is fully HIPAA compliant with data standards -- and secure against incursions from hackers?

Protecting Sensitive Information -- Regardless of Storage Location

Do you prefer onsite storage due to the sensitivity of your information? No problem. While many IT services providers may attempt to convince you to move everything to the cloud, the experts at Remote IT Solutions know that cloud isn’t for every organization. We work with your technology team to perform a thorough needs-based review before crafting a recommendation. We work with clients that are fully cloud-based, private clouds, hybrid clouds and fully on-premise.

Managed IT Solutions for Life Science Companies

Multi-site locations can be a challenge as your healthcare or life sciences company grows, creating exponential challenges that may feel overwhelming. Since Remote IT Solutions works with entities throughout the country, we have the background and experience necessary to help you walk through the most complex scenarios.

Proactive Support in the Emerging Regulatory and Compliance Environment

You need managed IT Solutions that will simplify compliance while quickly and cost-effectively scaling at each stage of your company’s evolution. The professionals at Remote IT Solutions understand the specialized needs of life sciences organizations, and provide managed IT solutions that:

  • Safeguard confidential information, including intellectual property and sensitive data
  • Scale quickly and efficiently to support the changing needs or your organization
  • Simplify auditing and reporting requirements


When you are ready to see the difference that a proactive technology partnership can make for your healthcare of life sciences organization, contact the professionals at Remote IT Solutions. You can schedule your free initial consultation online anytime.