Protect Your Business with Security Services

Regardless of your industry or type of business, one thing is certain — security threats loom around every corner. Because of the sheer number of security threats, it's imperative to have a robust security solution; and Remote IT Solutions can help. We offer a range of fully-customizable security services covering:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical security
  • Building security
  • Surveillance
  • Camera systems
  • And more

No matter your needs or goals, our team will work closely with you to provide the security solution your business deserves for added peace of mind.

IT Security Services

Averaging one every 39 seconds, cyberattacks are nearly constant. The cost of these hacks can average a business a staggering $3.92 million. Is your small business prepared to repel and prevent data security breaches and hacks?

Any business who is connected to the Internet or an internal network must have effective cybersecurity solutions to monitor and provide real-time visibility across your networks, business systems, applications, and databases. At Remote IT Solutions, we offer end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that can be tailored to provide the protection your business deserves. While we can modify your IT security solution specific to your business, some of the most common solutions we offer include:

  • Network risk assessments
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Security monitoring
  • Remediation and issue resolution
  • Ongoing employee education (Security awareness training)
  • Virtualization security

Learn more about how Remote IT Solutions can protect your business from cyber threats.

Maintain Compliance Standards and Data Security

Struggling with HIPAA or HITECH standards? Perhaps you are more concerned about data security, and ensuring you are fully compliant with all customer confidentiality guidelines for sensitive data. No matter your compliance challenge, the professionals at Remote IT Solutions are able to step in and help make sense of the complicated legislation and operational processes prevalent in today’s markets.


Health sciences and healthcare organizations are beset on all sides by standards that can be confusing to implement and maintain. Unfortunately, those same compliance requirements can also carry a massive price tag if you are found to be non-compliant -- often tens of thousands of dollars per incident. Even neglecting to report a data breach can trigger an audit that is both time-consuming and intrusive to your business operations.


Financial services organizations capture and store a deep well of personal, financial and confidential business information. All of these details must be fully secure both in transit and at rest or your risk additional fines from the government and negativity from customers if a breach occurs.


Protect your investments and your company with a more proactive approach to compliance standards and data security, spearheaded by the compliance experts at Remote IT Solutions.


Protect Your Business from the Inside Out with Building Security & Surveillance 

A professional building security program is one of the best ways to protect your business — from the inside out. While the most obvious threats to your business may seem to be from the exterior, internal theft can be crippling.

Converged security is cohesive coverage that represents not only your online portfolio, but also the physical assets of your building and properties. Not surprisingly, burglars agree that video surveillance is a significant deterrent to criminal activities, with the mere presence of surveillance cameras being motivation enough to seek a different target or abandon their attempt. You can protect your business from external as well as internal threats with security cameras.

Most studies suggest employees are significantly less likely to steal from the workplace when they know surveillance cameras are professionally installed and in use. Because most crime isn't impulsive, security cameras and building security can serve as a masterful deterrent to would-be criminals outside your organization.

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Your people are everything to your business and are your most valuable assets. At Remote IT Solutions, we offer holistic security services, spanning from the building to the network. Our security services are engineered to conform to the unique needs of your business and deliver the around-the-clock protection your business and employees deserve.

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